My baseball diorama

Upon learning that the 2020 baseball season would not include live fans.

This spring, the news broke that baseball season would be but a dugout shadow of its former self — no fans, but cardboard cutouts of them. No inappropriate cheers, but a soundtrack of static. Disappointing, but — then again — this pandemic has made it increasingly difficult to distinguish between…

Teachers Without Borders in Haiti, courtesy of Fenel Pierre, Fulbright Scholar

Teachers from shithole countries offer a workaround

Donald Trump is beyond help, but you knew that already. The most charitable amongst can try to reform him, but the chances for success are slim, at best. Blinded by self-aggrandizement and race hatred, no light can enter. All windows are mirrors, all rooms tunnels. …

University of Northern Colorado

Salutations to you all — Doctor Lewis, UNC Trustees, recipients of special graduate honors, faculty, and to Mr. Parker for the Star Spangled Banner: a true symbol of resilience, imperishable hope, and the elegance and promise of baseball.
Salutations, especially, to you happy, proud, caffeinated parents and exhausted and exhilarated…

Fred Mednick

Founder of Teachers Without Borders |

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